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The potato 5

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    Mature potato varieties, the growth period of 60 days or so.Plant type erect, plant height 55 centimeters, growth potential is stronger.Stem green, compound leaf size medium, leaf margin flat, leaf color dark green, few branches.Corolla white, naturally strong medium, with seeds.The tuber is slightly oblong, yellowish and yellowish, with smooth skin, large and neat, with a large potato rate of 97.6% in the spring, with a very shallow bud and a concentrated sweet potato.Fried food quality, deep Fried slices.The field identification and investigation plants were more resistant to late blight, PVX, PVY and PLRV Mosaic virus disease, and later in the growth stage, the leaf virus disease was mild, and it was not resistant to scab.In the seedling stage, PVX, PVY Mosaic virus disease, and later light susceptibility to leaf virus disease were detected.

Production performance:
The average yield per mu is about 2000 kg.

Cultivation points:

1. This species is suitable for the protection of soil and low-lying land.Drought-resistant, not resistant to scab, and therefore not suitable for planting in a dry area with high salinity.
2, accelerating germination before planting, basal, strengthen the administration of the early earth up row in time, after the emergence of timely watering, bear period of potato and potato piece expands period cannot lack water, a week before harvest irrigation, harvest and storage.
3. The second season is suitable for cotton, corn and other crops.
4. The second season should be reserved for spring due early and early in autumn.

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